Tall ship Glaciere 

Built 1899

FOR SALE  Negotiable

Thank you for taking the time to look at Tall Ship Glaciere. The only reason Glaciere is for sale, is that I am approaching another major birthday and my grandchildren would like me to spend more time with them, as I am getting older. 

I have enjoyed a fabulous 15 years of owning Glaciere and if you genuinely want to own a fabulous piece of history, then you really do need to view her. Hopefully the photographs below will give you a feel for the boat.

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Have a look at her 

Glaciere stone fishing 1950

Letter  From Lars.


Here is the story as I know it in a short form:GlaciereBuild in 1899 by a shipbuilder Rasmussen in Marstal on the island of Ærø –Aeroe. At that time Marstal was probably the largest home town for small wooden ships in Denmark. Today it is a sleepy small place strugling to survive – and barely doing so. It was named Titus - and sailed a few years without an engine. After World War One during a economic depression in Denmark it (a boat is it in danish) was sold to Norway. After a few years she wrecked on the
westcoast of Denmark under the name of Mostein. She was saved and outfitted for stone-fishing from Nyborg under the name of Leif (a commen danish malename). Nyborg was the island Fyns main-ferry-port to Sjælland (zealand? –the island where Copenhagen is situated).Many of the old wooden shsiups was converted to stone-fishing between1900-1920 and the late 1950. It was at that time the only way to get and place large stone so it was possible to build piers to protect harbours agent the vind and waves. You can say that type of work ended when Glaciere was sold from Gilleleje in 1970 – a new time using large entrepenerial equipment has taken over.My father bopugt Leif in 1937 and renamed her Glaciere of Gilleleje (on the northern most top of Zealand). Still an active fishing habour.The name he took from his first ship – a smaller wessel, originally boughtby his father, my grandfather, 40 kiometers away. As far as I can make out the old ship was named Glaciere when it was bought. The name is very od –and nobody today know where it came from.

Fron the Pictures you can see how the ship was changed for practical reasons during the time it gave the daily earning to three families in Gilleleje.Some of the pictures shows details of the original outftting, others show you a little about being af stone fishing-wessel. lars

Glaciere sailing 1948

Alfred fredasen at the winch 1952